With just a quick glance our large 60 square foot sign is readable from approximately 750 feet, thats important. Having to be road conious while driving means keeping your eyes on the road. So a driver has about 12 seconds driving 60km/hr to read our signs. Other signs with smaller lettering (e.g 6"), tend to be more cluttered . Maximum readable for 6" letters is at 200 feet, readable time approximately 5 seconds. Therefore you must be close to the sign to read it, giving less time to read, meaning not getting the full message.
So, don't be fooled get the orginal sign, GET BOLD, GET NOTICED

Our prices are the most competitive prices around and our service is simply the best. No answering machines, no message managers, you call us, you get us, your call is important to us.

We use the biggest and brightest letters in the marketplace.


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